Interpreting and Convention Services


Our interpreters are professionals with many years of experience, selected for their high levels of language skills, culture, discretion and reliability.

By providing you only with qualified professionals, we offer you an added value for building your image on an international level.

Our rates for interpreting, as well as for our other language services, are some of the most competitive on the market.

For all your interpreting requirements, call us. We will be able to recommend the best solution to suit your requirements.


In a corporate negotiation process, the interpreter translates a work meeting between two or more people. The occasion can be a meeting, or a factory visit by foreign delegations, work lunches, technical training courses or workshops.

Why choose us?

Whether your requirement is for a corporate negotiation, a visit or a mission, our interpreters will be capable of creating the right atmosphere, by immediately becoming part of the team: all our professionals are characterised by their in-depth knowledge of the terminology required, clarity and maximum accuracy, interpreting speed, availability and flexibility, all qualities that ensure the success of your business. We can take care of all your needs, from the choice of a negotiation interpreter to the global organisation of your event.


Our interpreters will act as middlemen with your contacts abroad to ensure that communication between you and them is smooth, accurate and free from misunderstandings.

  • Traditional telephone calls
  • Telephone calls in video conference
  • Web conferences and online meetings

We can take care of all your needs, from the choice of a negotiation interpreter to the global organisation of your event.



Simultaneous interpreting… and much more!!!

  • The professionalism, skill and expertise of our Interpreters is second-to-none for all your requirements, including simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage interpreting services
  • Your event is sure to be a success!

Our many years of experience and efficient organisation have put us in a position to offer a complete package of services that goes far beyond the linguistic aspect and includes the global organisation and management of the event.


We can provide our customers with technical services and the opportunity to hire equipment and audio/video systems for congresses, conventions and events in general.

  • Supply of bidules- Led video walls, projectors and monitors
  • Supply of full simultaneous translation system
  • Amplifiers
  • Sound systems – Video players for films and PC data- Conference system recording
  • Radio microphones
  • Videoconferences
  • Plasma monitors for multi-vision conferences
  • Projectors
  • Electronic voting systems



The video is undoubtedly the best method that can be used to tell a story. Enthralling, immediate, easy to share, the video has become an essential part of all communication strategies.


Our subtitling service is surely the most popular way of localising video contents for an international audience, as this has an excellent quality to price ratio. In subtitled videos, the voices in the original language are maintained, and the audio contents are translated and transcribed on the screen.


The content, or a shorter version of it, is recorded over the original audio with a single voice. This method is commonly used for documentaries, materials designed for a younger audience, training videos or e-learning. It is useful when the videos are viewed on mobile devices with small screens.


Professional actors are used to record the content, substituting it or mixing the original sound. This method is used for films and TV programmes.

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